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The Godfather (1972)

Lol 😂
Anonymous sent: How can people be dream-like?


I guess dream-like is a weird way of putting it. 

I just like people that aren’t ordinary.

And people that are cool and thought provoking. 

For example.

My best friend is a straight edge guy who gets along with everyone. Never touched alcohol, never touched drugs. People literally love him. He’s cool, funny, smart, drives a nice car, he’s very giving, has a more-than-decent job for someone of his age. A pretty upstanding guy. And the dream-like quality is that he’s going to jail next month. 

My girlfriend comes across as quiet and cold on social networks. Almost to the point that I was afraid to talk to her. She’s always talking money, bills, work, and school and gets stressed out kind of easily. And her dream-like quality is that she is able to switch between being the goal-oriented daughter of a teacher and a businessman to liquor-drinking, weed-smoking, overly-social, too-nice-for-her-own-good, anime-watching college student that falls asleep on my chest with just a snap.

And if you want to take it one step further, every year since she’s been in college, someone she knows has snapped and gone crazy. Every year without fail.


So my girlfriend: A girl that’s liked by all and can balance more tasks than the average person finds out every year that one of her friends is mentally unstable. What does it mean?

And my best friend: An already successful guy that’s liked by all and refrains from doing anything even slightly illegal is the first of my friends to face jail time. What does it mean?

Cool, dream-like, thought provoking people.

haha this is literally hilarious